Participate in our social activities

Lunch Group

What is more enjoyable than friendly, stimulating conversations over lunch? Come join us and sample a variety of foods at local restaurants in the Tri Cities and beyond.

Afternoon Book Club

A friendly group of avid readers who meet the afternoon of the third Thursday of each month. Books chosen are from a wide range of genres and discussions are usually lively and thought provoking. A good way to expand your literary horizons.

Bridge Group

Lively, gregarious CFUW ladies meet to play round-robin bridge Mondays during the day. Why not “spare” some time to spare in our fun-loving social Bridge Club?

Education Group

The Education Committee is a standing committee and as such has representation on the club Executive. We meet monthly and deal with issues pertaining to any and all aspects of education. We also chair the dispersal of club funds for bursaries in support of students continuing their education. We believe that education is a life-long process and are proud to assist CFUW in the promotion of accessible education for all.

Movie Madness

Like to watch movies? Well, why not come and join us. We have an evening group as well as an afternoon group that meets at a local movie theatre to watch a movie. Maybe we’ll see you there.

The Green Thumbs Group

Don’t have a “green” thumb, just all thumbs. Well, you’ll be in good company. Come join the group. Meetings are at the convenience of the group. The agenda is varied, just like our gardens.

The Sword Group

For those Single, Separated, Widowed or Divorced ladies, dinners or unusual outings are typically held the third Friday evening of each month.  Let’s eat, drink and be merry!

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